NOVA has continually demonstrated the ability to provide an extensive variety of services which include regulatory compliance, site assessment, asbestos, lead, and mold abatement, hazardous waste transportation and disposal, soft/hard demolition services, commercial construction, operations and management and heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation and maintenance services.

What distinguishes NOVA from other abatement or construction companies is its “turnkey” capability to take a job from the assessment phase to completion. Very few contractors have the ability to handle all environmental issues and/or deal with the problems themselves as they arise. Asbestos and lead concerns regularly hamper construction and demolition projects, resulting in very costly budget problems and scheduling delays. Our distinctive qualifications allow us to deal with these issues on-site timely and cost-effectively, without the need to retain an outside environmental abatement firm.

NOVA aggressively approaches every project by assembling a team of experienced professionals who design and implement a site-specific program, which economically achieves the desired project goals. Each team consists of specialists in environmental science, abatement processes, construction techniques, and health and safety. In addition, the project team is supported by staff professionals with expertise in project management, procurement, planning, regulatory affairs, building/fire code and other related services. The NOVA team is qualified to identify and characterize problems and design a reliable solution in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations.

NOVA provides the services of a multidisciplinary, trained contractor team. The team is capable of performing all the major functions associated with abatement, demolition and construction services.