1414-1422 Harbour Way South
Richmond, CA


Acquired: December 2004, as part of Ford Point
Property description: Built adjacent to the Craneway Pavilion, set against the backdrop of original equipment from the Ford Boiler Room
History: The restaurant was previously the Boiler Room of the Ford Plant and was previously named The Boilerhouse Restaurant.
Redevelopment: Assemble still contains much of the original equipment from the Ford Boiler Room, as well as photos of the plant and the area from the World War II time period.   It serves modern American cuisine reinvented by Executive Chef Maggie Pond.
Current status: Assemble is open for lunch Monday-Friday, dinner Wednesday-Saturday, and brunch Saturday-Sunday.  For more information, please visit the Assemble website.
Manager:  Terumi Shibata, ajit@craneway.com