750 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA

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Acquired: September 2009 from the Flint Group
Property description: 78,000 square feet of light industrial space on 4 acres in West Berkeley
Former use: The original home of California Ink, various buildings were constructed between 1906 and 1978. Although ink was made there until 1999, many of the buildings fell into disrepair during California Ink’s occupancy.  Encompassing one-and-a-half blocks at the time of purchase, the project was the largest undeveloped manufacturing parcel in Berkeley.
Redevelopment:  Many of the buildings on the property were rehabilitated for manufacturing use.  Tenants have the option to use a portion of their suites as storefronts along major Berkeley thoroughfares, and the remainder of the suite as office and manufacturing space.
Current status:  Three blocks from Interstates 80/580, Flint features frontage on major Berkeley thoroughfares Gilman and Fourth.  The property is fully leased to a variety of different tenants including two wineries, a solar power company, and a printing company.  Please call for future availability.
Project Manager:  James Madsen, jmadsen@ortondevelopment.com
Property Manager: Cliff Howard, Hall Equities, cliffh@hallequitiesgroup.com